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m_ravi_remy_choo_peter_lowL-R: Lawyers M Ravi, Remy Choo Zheng xi, Peter Low

1 Singaporean and 1 Australian were arrested by the police under the sedition act for embellishing an article on The Real Singapore (TRS) that stoked “ill-will and hostility between races”, the mainstream media reported.

Those two are allegedly the owners of The Real Singapore (TRS). Continue reading RIGHTS LAWYERS SHOULD DEFEND TRS PRO-BONO


PAP supporters don’t understand internet


(Photo: Channel NewsAsia – Lee Kuan Yew gave a series of talks on radio in 1961 to explain the Communist threat)

I am amused by the number of posts and Facebook pages created by PAP supporters on the internet, specifically Fabrications About the PAP, Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties, and Shut Down TRS.

All of them revolve around rallying for public support to shut down alternative media websites such as The Real Singapore, All Singapore Stuff, TR Emeritus and The Online Citizen.

Pro-establishment supporters are not familiar Continue reading PAP supporters don’t understand internet