Roy Ngerng think he is Korean TV St

I really cannot tahan that attention seeking chao ah gua anymore.

The 3 day trial to determine the reputation damage that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong suffered ended last week dramatically with Roy Ngerng weeping like a gu niang after intense questioning by Senior Counsel Davinger Singh.

I have been following media reports of the case on social media and the mainstream media and realised Roy Ngerng seems to have capitalised on every shot and angle with his artificial wide smile, and his disgustingly bright pink stroller suitcase had my 7 year old nephew sticking his tongue out in disgust.

Roy Ngerng with father


He appears to be enjoying the media attention despite the deep troubles he is in. Last year, when he first got entangled in the case, he lauched a video appeal to see funds. Look at that unnatural cry baby sad emo look on his face.


Then when the call for application for Non-Nominated Member of Parliament came, he took a photo of himself with a phony smile outside parliament house to tell his supporters he is going to launch a bid to go into parliament to confuse the House with his unreadable charts and graphs.


I am certain his colleagues at TTSH (my aunt is also a medical social worker) were glad to see him being fired. He did not value add to his organisation except for sissy antics in office, gossiping about co-workers and even cross-dressed during office functions. Despite his lengthy blog posts, he cannot even submit his monthly reports on time. His best contribution to TTSH is probably this HIV-awareness poster:


The worst mistake Roy Ngerng made in the battle against Lee Hsien Loong is not the e-mails sent to media organisations to give instructions on ways to view the removed materials; it is not about the choice of lawyers (in fact, I think M Ravi is a decent lawyer who can get his job done); it is not about his attention seeking antics; it is not about using Amos Yee to project more attention to himself; it is not about going to Hong Lim Park to highlight the increased in CPF draw down age.



(You see what I meant? Cannot stand his attention seeking face)

It is how he allowed foreign organisation Media Legal Defence Initiative to champion for his cause. Singaporeans are now facing intense competition from westerners for jobs thanks to PAP’s open legs prostitute policies but most Singaporeans agree with me that most Ang Mohs we’ve worked with are mostly hot air who only knows how to hype up themselves with no value-added qualities to the organisations. Typically, the Ang Mohs are like the Pinoys and Indians who hire their own kind and gradually replace true blue Singaporeans from the inner circle of the organisation. Ang Mohs are typically lazy and do not adapt to the traditional Singaporean hardworking culture but yet take high expat package and they get all the hot Singaporean chicks. They are still hanging around thanks to the colonial mindset that most elderly Singaporeans are culturally indoctrinated to. We Singaporeans are taking in all the shixt from Ang Mohs day in day out and now Roy Ngerng is giving us Singaporeans more shixt from these Ang moh organisations?

PAP open our legs wide for Ang Mohs but Roy Ngerng spread our ass cheeks even wider.

Roy Ngerng you chao faggot you go suck your Ang Moh dick. Fark off. And please return me my $100 that I donated.



Roy Ngerng so fake




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